Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Legend of Bunny Man Bridge

     Clifton, Virginia 1904. An asylum prison for the criminally insane is shut down by successful petition of the growing population of residents in Fairfax County. On the way to transferring inmates to a new facility, the vehicle carrying the prisoners crashes. Some prisoners managed an escape, while others died in the crash. A search party finds all but one of them..
     Shortly thereafter, locals began finding hundreds of cleanly skinned, half-eaten carcasses of rabbits hanging from the trees in the surrounding areas. A second sweep of the area was issued and the police located the remains of  Marcus Wallster left in a similar fashion to the rabbit carcasses hanging in a tree near a bridge underpass known locally as the "Bunny Man Bridge". Officials name the last missing inmate, Douglas J. Grifon, as their suspect and believe him to be responsible for the death of Marcus Wallster as well as the bizarre rabbit hangings.
     It is said that officials finally managed to locate Grifon but, during their attempt to apprehend him at the overpass, he nearly escapes before being hit by an oncoming train where the original transport crashed. Those present at the manhunt say after the train passed they heard a sinister cackling coming from the site. It is eventually revealed that Grifon was institutionalized for brutally murdering his wife and children on Easter Sunday.
      For years after the "Bunny Man's" death, in the time approaching Halloween, rabbit carcasses are said to be found hanging from the overpass and surrounding areas. A figure is reportedly seen standing at the opposite end of the underpass by passersby, though no one has claimed to have seen said figure from up close..


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